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"Based on the findings of Psychiatry Research, on average, people would sit about 9.3 hours a day and that’s 558 minutes a day! And people sit 20% more than they did before pandemic." 

The Zero Effort "Back Pain" Relief.

Working & Feel Relief at the Same Time. 

Sitting Without Proper Support

Back muscles is working hard to keep your spine to its natural curvature.

So your back will begin to feel sore and fatigue over time.

Leading to compression on spine, tailbone, hips and your inner organs.

Sitting With Proper Support (SpineLief+)

Your spine is maintained its most natural curvature with little to ZERO effort from your back muscles.

Supports every crucial part of your body (back, butt & legs). Distributes the weight and pressure evenly.

When sitting posture gets better, there will be lesser compression on your spine, hips and inner organs. You'll eventually feel weightless and painless!

Feel the Comfort & Relief from Back to Legs.

Instant Relief with Easy Setup.

Goodbye Back Pain

Goodbye Butt Pain

Goodbye Legs Pain

See How Your Posture Improves.

With 3 Perghh-Fect Combinations. 

Average Joe said :

Why don't we just buy a good chair?

Know Your Options

Gaming / Ergonomic Chair

Add On SpineLief's Cushions



RM139 - RM397 (Limited time only.)

Installation Process

Takes 30 mins - 1 hour. Troublesome and complicated.

Can be easily setup within a minute, any chair and anywhere!


Heavy and bulky. hard to carry around.

Easy to be carried. Use them anywhere you like!

Coverage Areas

Shoulder, back, butt and thigh.

Back, butt, thigh, legs and feet.

Space Occupied

Occupied a lot of space.

Ensure your workspace remain spacious.

When SpineLief Meets Science.

Every Piece Was Designed For A Reason.

SpineSupport™ Lumbar Cushion

SpineSupport™ Lumbar Cushion

1.  Double Sides Thickening Design
Prevent your back from leaning to one side

2.  Spinal Alignment Design
Relieve the pressure and conform to the spine muscle

3.  Tear-Drop Ergonomic Contoured Shape
Support the natural curve of the spine

SpineFoam™ Coccyx Seat Cushion

SpineFoam™ Coccyx Seat Cushion

1.  Contoured Surface Design
Distribute the pressure on the lower thigh

2.  Cradling Edge Design
Stabilize hip bone and make sure your butt stays in place

3.  Anatomic Shape Design
Reduce the pressure on pelvis bone

4.  Coccyx Cut-Out Design
Suspends your tailbone above sitting surfaces

SpineBase™ Footrest Cushion

SpineBase™ Footrest Cushion

1.  Stackable & Extensible Design
Design to meet every desired height 

2.  Ergonomic Semi-Cylindrical Shape
Allows your feet to rest at a 30-45° ergonomic postural angles for maximum support and comfort

Safe, Durable & Soft yet Supportive.

Made of BASF Certified & Reformulated Memory Foam

âś” The memory foam was reformulated until the perfect medium-firm softness, giving you the comfort and support your body craved for. No matter how much is your weight. Never become a Roti Canai after use! 

âś” The BASF Certified memory foam is tested and proven 100% that it does not contain any harmful substance or ozone depleters. So it’s safe for all, even the planet. 

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Seat Cushion - SpineFoam™

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