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Who is SpineLief?

When sitting is not a desire but a daily routine, we start to struggle day-to-day with countless back pains. Discomfort shouldn't be part of our lives, so SpineLief+ was born.

SpineLief+ is all about creating flexible, ergonomic, yet easy-to-use products that will make your life better than ever before. With SpineLief+, no matter where you want to sit, you will always feel comfort and relief!

What Makes This Collaboration Happen?

The Chemistry Between Two Brands.

SpineLief Makes You Sit Better

Stay seated with better posture and better comfort, without complicated chairs or accessories.

With SpineLief, your body will endure minimal stress every day.

Kim's Chiropractic Makes You Feel Better

Get relieved with chiropractic treatment, personalized specifically for you.

With Kim's Chiropractic, your body will be relieved of pain after your visit.

Sitting Wellness & Chiropractic Care Can Be Easy & Common.

Your Body Is Like A Car.

Car was designed to move, not to stay parked.
It requires proper alignment and maintenance to run well too.
Same goes to your body. So, Chiropractic exists.

Car needs great and durable tires, which carry the full weight of the car.
It keeps air pressure even the car is left in one stationary position.
Same goes to your body. So, Ergonomic sitting cushion exists.

How SpineLief Could Make You Sit Better?

Sit Better With SpineLief+

Sitting Without Proper Support

Back muscles is working hard to keep your spine to its natural curvature.

So your back will begin to feel sore and fatigue over time.

Leading to compression on spine, tailbone, hips and your inner organs.

Sitting With Proper Support.

Your spine is maintained its most natural curvature with little to ZERO effort from your back muscles.

Supports every crucial part of your body (back, butt & legs). Distributes the weight and pressure evenly.

When sitting posture gets better, there will be lesser compression on your spine, hips and inner organs. You'll eventually feel weightless and painless!

SpineLief is at a Beautiful, Modern Chiropractic Centre.

Feel welcomed from the moment you open the front door and help yourself to a complimentary drink and snack. Conveniently located in Taman Sea, PJ and Sri Hartamas, KL with parking easily available.

Feel the comfort while waiting for your session to begin. SpineLief cushions will always be there for you.

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